South and Meso American Indian Rights Center

Urgent Actions




(This is a record of urgent actions that SAIIC has supported in the past.)

Indigenous Front in Defense (October, 1998)

Violent Government Oppression In Oaxaca, Mexico (April, 1998)

Indigenous communties in Amazon resisting pressure to allow the patenting of their sacred plant Ayahuasca (April 1998)

Government Military and Police Forces Raid Indigenous Community in Chiapas: 9 Mexican Nationals Remain Imprisoned (April 1998)

President Cardosa Threatens to Veto Brazil's Environmental Crimes Act! (February 1998)

Preserve Rain Forests, Stop Logging in Nicaragua! (January 1998)

Accused Killer Threatens Family in Guatemala (January 1998)

Stop Mexico's War on Indigenous Communities: Innocent People Are Being Murdered (January 1998)


We need urgent support for those affected by the hurricane "Paulina" (October 1997)

International Day of Action for the Nicaraguan Rainforest (November 10, 1997)
Update: International Day of Action In Support of the Indigenous People and Land of Nicaragua's Atlantic Coast.

U'Wa Update (May 12, 1997)

Father Ezio Roattino Threatened in Colombia (March 1997

Nambikwara Threatened with Genocide in Brazil (January 1997)

Court Ruling Undermines Indigenous Rights in Colombia: U'wa Threaten to Commit Collective Suicide (February 1997)

Mexico Prepares for War in Chiapas, US is Implicated (January 1997)

CIMI Update: Community remains evicted (January 1997)

Urgent: Guaraní-Kaiowa Community Evicted in Brazil (January 1997)


Oil Leases Threaten the Warao in Venezuela (December 1996)

One Youth Killed, 21 Indigenous People Taken by Military in El Salvador (December 1996)

Nambikwara Indians Attacked by Loggers, Miners (December 1996)

Brazil Justice Minister Opts to Legalize Theft in Indian Land (December 1996)

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