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Call for Support by the Indigenous Front in Defense of the Interests of Pastaza, Ecuador (OPIP)


Summary: From Press Bulletin #3, Santa Cecilia ,Villano, July 26, 1998

The organizations and communities of the Indigenous Front in Defense of the Interests of Pastaza which met in the community of Santa Cecilia-Viliano on July 25 and 26, 1998 addresses all the inhabitants of the province of Pastaza and particularly the Campesino and Indigenous Organizations of the State. We have called for a clear and responsible dialogue with the authorities of the national government and the petroleum company Arco Oriente Inc. with the objective or resolving grave conflicts caused by the activities started in block 10 in the oil pipeline route of Villanobaeza. Unfortunately the government and Arco have once again demonstrated their lack of seriousness and commitment with the Indigenous people and the province of Pastaza in general by not attending the meeting they were invited to at the indicated community and imposing conditions that no institution with maturity and political will can accept. As such, the organizations and Indigenous communities assisting in the dialogue make known the following resolutions:

1. We ratify our firm calling and predisposition for dialogue with the state authorities and the oil company in our own traditional lands, in the community of Santa Cecilia-Villano, for which we guarantee the security necessary and for a dialogue of mutual respect for all the invited authorities.

2. All the activities of the Arco company within Indigenous territories for the CPF in the Colonia de Independencia to the Campo Villano remain suspended until satisfactory accords have been reached for the short, medium and long term period of time for the Indigenous people and the Province of Pastaza.

3. All of the posterior dialogue with respect to the issue of block ten will resume with the new authorities of the Ecuadorian government, protected by the rights that we have as Indigenous people and as a province.

4. All of the dialogue and negotiation processes with the state of Ecuador and Arco will continue with the complete participation of the Organizations of the Indigenous Front of Pastaza. Any isolated negotiation that is not a product of consent will have no value for the Indigenous people.

5. The Organizations and Indigenous communities will keep a permanent watch over the section of oil pipeline and camps located in Indigenous territories in order that they comply with our resolutions.

Given and signed in the community of Santa Cecilia-Villano on July 26, 1998 by the following organizations and community leaders:

Cesar Cerda Presidente Consejo Gobierno OPIP y Vicepresidente Frente Indigenas de Pastaza

Antonio Vargas Presidente de CONAIE

Juan Bosco Kasent Dirigente de Territorios, Ecologia Y.R.R.N.N. CONFENIAE

Cristobal Tapuy Delegado de la FOIN

Carlos Molina Presidente Comunidad Paparagua

Eloy Mayancha Presidente de Asociacion Indigena Curaray


Please send letters of appeal or faxes to the following people in support of the fight of the people of Pastaza:

Dr. Fabian Alarcon President of the Republic of Ecuador fax: 00593-2-580735

Dr. Alavaro Bermeo Minister of Energy and Mining fax: 00593-2-580724

Herb Vickers Resident Manager Arco Oriente Inc.-Ecuador fax: 00593-2-268985


Over nine hundred Indigenous people have congregated to attend these meetings and are in short supply of all the basic necesities. If in any way you are interested in giving financial support to the Indigenous communities please send a telefax to OPIP for more information:


contact person: Cesar Cerda, President of OPIP telefax: 011 593-3 883 781

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