Issue: Vol. 8, nos. 1 & 2 (Summer 1994)

Article: Teofilo Lacayo and Sarah England, “No, Life without Land Interview with Teofilo Lacayo Garifuna leader of the Honduran Northcoast organization Iseri Lidawamari (New Dawn).,” Abya Yala News 8, no. 1,2 (1994): 24-25. Accessed November 12, 2019.

Abstract: Western influences and pushes for tourist development have pushed many Garifuna people off their lands and changed the relationship people have to each other and the land. The government has favored capitalist interests leading to hardships for many subsistence farmers in the area of Limon. The leader of Iseri Lidawamari denounces the commercialization of land and insists it is not in the best interest for his people to sell land and it will not be sold in their territory.

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