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  • Collection: Vol. 5, Nos. 3 & 4 (December 1990)

Vol. 5, Nos. 3 _ 4 (6).pdf
Seven Guarani families were forced out of their homes by police and officials from the Land and Colonization Department and dropped off in an area near a garbage dump after their homes were burned down. The reason for it? To make way for a new…

Vol. 5, Nos. 3 _ 4 (6-7).pdf
Atamai, the principal chief of the Wauja Nation asks for support from international groups and individuals after countless acts of violence, sanctioned by Brazilian laws, have been committed against them. These acts range from assault and battery to…

Vol. 5, Nos. 3 _ 4 (5).pdf
The contributors of the SAIIC Newsletter use their platform to call readers and supporters to action for the Siriono People in Trinidad who were fighting a group of cattle ranchers for their land.
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