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  • Collection: Vol. 10, No. 4 (Fall 1997)

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A discussion of the successes of indigenous movements across the world and the increasing success of international organizations in encouraging change in Latin American countries in regards to their relationships with indigenous communities.

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The First International Seminar of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana issued a declaration that indigenous peoples be granted a level of autonomy, that they have a voice in the funding of large projects on their lands, among other…

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After killing an indigenous man by lighting him on fire, the five convicted assailants are no longer being charged with homicide, but on lesser charges.

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Indigenous groups in Tegucigalpa have gone on a hunger strike after demanding that respect for indigenous cultures and lands be shown by the government.

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Numerous countries have adopted the conventions put forward by the ILO, which seeks to help increase communication between states and indigenous communities and protect indigenous rights.

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The ILO has a few programs that promote technical cooperation between states and indigenous groups.

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The potential of ILO Convention 169 helping indigenous groups is a weak one due it it acting as a minimal set of standards for states to follow. However, it can provide a solid foundation for indigenous groups to seek increased recognition of their…

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Margarita Gutierrez talks about the potential of Convention 169 helping indigenous groups in Mexico and other Latin American nations.

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Legislation has been introduced in Costa Rica has been made in compliance with Convention 169, which has opened the door for indigenous groups to continue to work towards increased autonomy.
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