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The following comments by Luciano Tapia, 62, a founder of the Tupak Katari Indian Movement (MITKA) and a member of the Bolivian parliament from 1982 to 1985, appeared in the February issue of Boletln Chitakolla

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Peru, Bolivia, and a Quote from "From Conquest to Counterinsurgency"

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"Bolvian President H. Siles Suazo has indicated that national elections will be called during the coming year.

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Indian organizations in South America mourn the death of Zenobia Ayala, who was a founding member and active participant in MITKA-1.

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"until the Indian majority takes power and forms a government that represents the people, there can be no justice in Kollasuya, Bolivia."

Latin American Governments Establish Indigenous Peoples' Fund.pdf
A collection of Latin American countries are in the process of trying to ratify a Indigenous Peoples' Fund. The decison-making structure of the Fund ensures direct participation on the part of Inigenous peoples.

Five hundred Quechua Aymara women march 350 miles to La Paz, Bolivia to demand that Bolivian president, President Sllnchez, enforce human rights in their home region.

Moseten Indians Compete with Loggers for Land Title.pdf

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The Moseten Indians in Bolivia contend with logging companies for land previously deeded to them in 1880.

Indians Seek Representation in Peasant Confederation.pdf
SAIIC interviews Genaro Oliver, member of the Confederation of Campesino Unions of Bolivia (CSUTCB). Genaro Oliver believes the organization must consider the reality of ethnic identity.

Aymaras Replace Peasant Union with Traditional Ayllu Federation.pdf
The Aymaras of San Andrés de Machaca in Bolivia, frustrated with politcal parties' manipulation of their leaders, dissolved the campesino union and replaced it with a traditonal Ayllu Federation.

Indigenous Women Organizing National Encounter.pdf
The Coordinating Commission of Indigenous Women of Bolivia will hold the First National Encounter of Indigenous Women of Bolivia on June 21-23, 1993 in Tiwanaku.

Curacas and Jilakatas Recover their Authority.pdf
Indigenous leaders assemble to try to restore the power of Indigenous authorities.
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