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The Indigenous communities of the Pilon Lajas Indigenous Territory and Biosphere Reserve have challenged a large logging company, asking for their overthrow. They claim that logging causes negative environmental, health, ad social effects.


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On April 18, 1995, a series of strikes organized by indigenous peasants and urban teachers forced the central government of Bolivia to declare a state of siege that has lasted three months. Sociologist Silva Rivera Cusicanqui interprets the reasons…

The Coordingating Commission of Indigenous Women of Bolivia(CCMIB) formed in July 1993 was created with the purpose of promoting indigenous involvement in movements across the country. CCMIB is carrying out this goal by focusing on electing…

Victor Hugo Cardenas election as vice-president of Bolivia on June 7, 1993 inspires hope in the indigenous populations.

"Mujeres Aymaras y Comunicacion" organized a meeting of women in Peru and Bolivia who produce radio programs for women about issues that women and especially indigenous women face.

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Women from all over the world participated in the First International Women and Mining Conference, bringing their struggles and hardships forward in an area where they are largely invisible and underrepresented.

Amazon peoples in Bolivia want a land commission.

This article details the struggle of the Indigenous peoples of Bolivia as they seek to be treated with dignity in the nation they live, but separated as their own culture.


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AREAL, the Independent Association of Aymara Indian Radio Operators, attempts to have a radio show, but faces many obstacles.


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forsaking bolivia:creating a quechua-aymara nation

Curacas and Jilakatas Recover their Authority.pdf
Indigenous leaders assemble to try to restore the power of Indigenous authorities.
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