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Filmmakers Monti Aguirre and
Glenn Switkes have returned from a
six-month research and filming trip in
Brazil. Their film, Amazonia will
analyze the occupation of the Amazon
Basin, including the fight by Indian
people to protect their lands.

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Grassroots Rainforest Conference held near Sausalito, California, was an educational and brainstorming session put together by the Rainforest Action Network of San Francisco in order to forge an international coalition of organizations to mount a…

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Sixty leaders of 32 Indian nations met under the auspices of the Union of Indigenous Nations in Goiania, capital of the central state of Goias.

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We were saddened this month by the death of two visionaries and leaders in the Indian community.

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Radio program. "There has been hope in Indian
communities that administrators sympathetic to Indian concerns would be appointed to FUNAI, the government department for Indian affairs."

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Ciseases and the demands of European-style economic enter- prises have reduced the indigenous population to a mere three or four per cent of its original total.

The Brazilian Senate is considering legislation that would possibly reduce the size indigenous reservations.

The Brazilian government continues to ignore crimes against indigenous peoples.

This journal introductory discusses some of the top stories and events that have taken place throughout Central America.

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The Council of Indigenous Peoples and Organizations of Brazil discuss how Decree 1775 is more than a setback; it 's a death sentence for many Indigenous groups.

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Indigenous organizations confront the new challenges in contemporary Brazil the and a brief frame of the actual economic realities by which they are affected are discussed

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Macuxi leader Jacir Jose de Souza is a well known Indigenous activist from the Raposa Serra do Sol
Indian area. Jacir confides in SAIIC to explain the
hardships faced by the Macuxi people and the often conflicting process of organization and…
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