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The Brazilian Senate is considering legislation that would possibly reduce the size indigenous reservations.


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The Brazilian 1988 constitution expired October 1993 and is due to be revised. If it is revised, negative public attitudes indicate that there is reason for indigenous populations to worry that they will lose rights granted to them under the 1988…

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We were saddened this month by the death of two visionaries and leaders in the Indian community.

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The Council of Indigenous Peoples and Organizations of Brazil discuss how Decree 1775 is more than a setback; it 's a death sentence for many Indigenous groups.

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Macuxi leader Jacir Jose de Souza is a well known Indigenous activist from the Raposa Serra do Sol
Indian area. Jacir confides in SAIIC to explain the
hardships faced by the Macuxi people and the often conflicting process of organization and…

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Grassroots Rainforest Conference held near Sausalito, California, was an educational and brainstorming session put together by the Rainforest Action Network of San Francisco in order to forge an international coalition of organizations to mount a…

This journal introductory discusses some of the top stories and events that have taken place throughout Central America.

This article is about the Brazilian Federal Court of Appeals upholding the rights of indigenous peoples in case between the Indigenous Rights Core and Parachi Maginco and Impar timber companies.

The Human Genome Project wants to collect samples from the Yanomami.

Conflicts of the demarcation of indigenous lands between the Macuxi and land owners in Brazil leads to the death of Democlides Albuquerque Carneiro.


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Suicide rates climb in Indian communities.


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Finding justice for the Tikuna massacre proves to be difficult.
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