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Concern develops when COICA's headquarters in Ecuador is victimized by burglary and hate crimes. The indigenous community worries such events signal a development of opposition.

The myth that Indians are disappearing from the world has led to policies and laws that are destroying the environment that is pivotal to the prosperity of Indians. The recent rise in environmentalism has led to a focus on restoring the land that is…

Amazon Indigenous Coordinating Body Elects New Officers.pdf
The Coordinating Body for the Indigenous Peoples' Organization of the Amazon Basin (COICA) held its annual meeting in Manuas in November, 1992. Delegates approved a new structuring to the organization that was more horizontal in nature.

Organizing to Save the Amazon-An Interview with Valerio Grefa, new Coordinator of COICA.pdf
SAIIC interviews Valerio Grefa, who became the new Coordinator of the Coordinating Body of Indigenous Peoples' Organization of the Amazon Basin (COICA).
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