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Second Continental Encounter of Indigenous Nations and Organizations.pdf
The purpose of the fifth meeting of the Continental Commission of Indigenous Nations (CONIC) was to prepare a list of the group's aims for the Second Continental Encounter.

Results of the United Nations World Conference on Human Rights in Vienna, June 1993 disappoint indigenous populations with failure to address indigenous rights of self-government and self-determination.

A summary of the process and support that led to the establishment of the "International Decade of the World's Indigenous People" during the United Nations World Conference on Human Rights that took place June 1993.

NAFTA could endanger national laws that protect Indigenous land rights if the the NAFTA tribunal decides the legal protection of ancient land rights is a barrier to trade. Indigenous peoples could be removed from their land to make way for trade…

Concerns about the impact of the Human Genome Diversity Project on Indigenous Peoples are raised. No indigenous representatives or organizations have been included in the planning of the project. Misuse of information gathered during the project has…
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