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Indian organizations in South America mourn the death of Zenobia Ayala, who was a founding member and active participant in MITKA-1.

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The Venezuelan government continues to deny the right of self-liberation, self-determination, and self-management to the indigenous peoples of Venezuela.

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The Colombian army is harassing the CRIC.

Eulalia Yagarf Gonzalez. a Chami woman activist in Colombia. was elected as a member of the
regional parliament of Antioquia on March 8. 1992. In this interview she discussesf her life and hardships as an Indian woman activist.

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Indigenous leaders in Colombia have been under attack and subject to disappearances, torture, arbitrary detention, and even murder due to their struggle for rights granted to them in the Constitution.

A 6.3 earthquake destroyed communities in northern Colombia killing hundreds and injuring thousands. Government aid to survivors is slow, SAIIC is asking for aid to send to those in need while thinking not only of the immediate need but those of theā€¦

Three indians elected the the ANC help give a voice to the 600,000 Indians of Colombia.

10 reasons why the Armed Movement "Manuel Quintin Lame" abandoned its guns.

This article details the Indigenous peoples and their protest in Colombia for human rights and and control over their own territories.

The Nukak fight for survival against outside diseases such as the flu.

The Colombian Army discriminates against indians and calls them possible guerilla collaborators.

This article details the ever growing issue of indigenous leaders being assassinated.
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