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Vol. 4, nos. 2 &3 (7).pdf
A new council was formed in Guatemala to protect the human and cultural rights of local Natives.

Vol. 4, nos. 2 &3 (6).pdf
The Guatemalan military was highly implicated in the torture and murder of 21 "campesinos" in Guatemala in November.

Vol. 4, nos. 2 &3 (4-5).pdf
500 years of fighting have caused many women to lose their husbands to kidnappers, disappearances, torture, assassination, and massacre, in addition to diseases caused by pesticides funded by the US and Europe.

Vol. 4, nos. 2 &3 (3).pdf
This issue is specifically dedicated to the 500 years of fighting for land, culture, and to protect the Earth by the Natives. It asks that we reconsider what days like Columbus Day mean for Natives, not for oppressors.
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