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Suicides among the Guarani Kaiowa, which have been on the rise of the past ten years, were the main subject discussed at an assembly of the Aty Guassu Organization in Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil.

The suicides of sixteen Guarani Indians in 1993 linked to displacement and land deprivation of the Guarani population in Brazil.

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Indigenous people of Mato Grosso do Sul face expulsion from their lands as ranchers supported by the government claim the land. Though the territories have been demarcated for the indigenous groups, they are still at risk of being taken away due to…

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Trauma associated with the Guarani having been forced to leave their ancestral lands and lifestyle is thought to be the reason behind the recent trend in suicides in the community.

The Brazilian government continues to ignore crimes against indigenous peoples.

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Seven Guarani families were forced out of their homes by police and officials from the Land and Colonization Department and dropped off in an area near a garbage dump after their homes were burned down. The reason for it? To make way for a new…
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