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NAFTA could endanger national laws that protect Indigenous land rights if the the NAFTA tribunal decides the legal protection of ancient land rights is a barrier to trade. Indigenous peoples could be removed from their land to make way for trade…

A spokesperson for the Mapuche organization Aukin Wallmapu Ngulam-Council of All the Lands comments of the "Declaration of Barbados III," especially the sections relating to the self-determination of Indigenous peoples and the nationally constituted…

The United Farm Workers(UFW) and the Bi-national Mixtec-Zapotec Front(FM-ZB) signed an agreement to work together to defend the rights of indigenous migrant workers in the U.S. on September 24, 1993.

The myth that Indians are disappearing from the world has led to policies and laws that are destroying the environment that is pivotal to the prosperity of Indians. The recent rise in environmentalism has led to a focus on restoring the land that is…

Indigenous groups in Argentina pressed the congress for the acknowledgement of their rights under a changing constitution.

Nicaragua's_Atlantic_Coast_Update-_Logging_Stopped (1).pdf
Logging which has been damaging to Indigenous communities of the North Atlantic Atonomous Zone has ceased, leading to greater control of there constitutional right to their lands.

Indigenous groups in Mexico held a recent conference to discuss important indigenous issues including autonomy and self-determination.

Peru's old 1933 constitution protected indigenous lands rights and the new constitution threatens to indigenous rights by opening up territories to confiscation by other parties, agricultural development, and possible ecological damage

Several academic and Indigenous rights groups hosted a symposium in Miami, Florida on the rights and status of indigenous peoples.
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