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Apache leaders plea to stop destruction of sacred places.

The Calchaqui Indians are threatened because their land is being taken by corporations and the Argentinian government.

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The Kuna have demarcated their territory. Colonizers recently destroyed a house within Kuna territory.

In 1991, 144 Mapuches were taken to court for occupying land that the Chilean government claims they have no right to own. While this case is in progess, Mapuche leader Aucan Huilcaman is denied eligibility to run for congress.

A group of armed men abducted one of Columbia's key indigenous leaders who helped to lead efforts to recover traditional indigenous lands in the Pasto region.

The Brazilian 1988 constitution expired October 1993 and is due to be revised. If it is revised, negative public attitudes indicate that there is reason for indigenous populations to worry that they will lose rights granted to them under the 1988…

NAFTA could endanger national laws that protect Indigenous land rights if the the NAFTA tribunal decides the legal protection of ancient land rights is a barrier to trade. Indigenous peoples could be removed from their land to make way for trade…

Indigenous communities are often caught in the cross hairs of different interest groups struggling to control ecologically diverse territories. Conflicts over the use of indigenous territories raises many important questions regarding the rights of…

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Indigenous people block the construction of a hydroelectric project on their lands that could contaminate water sources and food supply.

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Western influences and pushes for tourist development have pushed many Garifuna people off their lands and changed the relationship people have to each other and the land. The government has favored capitalist interests leading to hardships for many…

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The violence in Peru continues to escalate, and Indian people, along with many others, suffer...

Issues of land rights and culture development of indigenous communities was discussed on September 23-26, 1993 at the first meeting of the congress of indigenous representatives from Guerrero.
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