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An editorial highlighting developments in the indigenous community during the year of 1993.

The Interamerican Encounter on Indigenous Rights and Common Law was an event organized by Maya Culture Center that took place on June 16-19 in Gatemala.

Copies of letters written to the SAICC staff.

An interview between SAIIC and Mauricia Castro the president of FETRIXI about her involvement in the Federation of Xicaque Tribes of Yoro, the state of Honduras, and rights of her fellow country women.

abya yala p43.pdf
SAIIC draws attention to a few areas of interest that occupied recent months and this issue of Ayba Yala including the Zapatista uprising, advocacy for indigenous issues, noted people who have recently educated people in the US on indigenous peoples…

A Word Froms SAIIC's Board, Staff and Volunteers.pdf


SAIIC announces that, beginning with the current issue, it will add two new sections to their newsletter. It also announces that the SAIIC Women's Project will come out with a new publication entitled Daughters of Abya Yala.

Indians Seek Representation in Peasant Confederation.pdf
SAIIC interviews Genaro Oliver, member of the Confederation of Campesino Unions of Bolivia (CSUTCB). Genaro Oliver believes the organization must consider the reality of ethnic identity.

Urgent Action-Chilean Government Must Overturn The Convictions.pdf
SAIIC organizes a campiagn to demand the Chilean government to end its persecution of the Mapuche people.

Indigenous leaders met to discuss development issues and ways to fund projects dedicated to solving them.

Organizing to Save the Amazon-An Interview with Valerio Grefa, new Coordinator of COICA.pdf
SAIIC interviews Valerio Grefa, who became the new Coordinator of the Coordinating Body of Indigenous Peoples' Organization of the Amazon Basin (COICA).


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SAIIC has several important updates regarding new opportunities and incoming staff.

Vol. 1, no. 3 (10-11).pdf
Radio Program transcript
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