Issue: Vol. 7, nos. 3-4 (Fall/Winter 1993)

Article: Armstrong Wiggins, “Indian Rights and the Environment,” Abya Yala News: Journal of the South and Meso American Indian Rights Center (SAIIC) 7, no. 3,4 (Fall and 1993): 16-18. Accessed December 10, 2019.

Abstract: The myth that Indians are disappearing from the world has led to policies and laws that are destroying the environment that is pivotal to the prosperity of Indians. The recent rise in environmentalism has led to a focus on restoring the land that is home to many Indians. This might seem to preserve the Indians way of life, but with the lack of coordination among environmentalists and Indians, some Indians see further encroachment on their land rights. This explores the relationship between environmentalists' protection of the land and Indians' interest in maintaining their land rights.

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