Issue: Vol. 8, nos. 1 & 2 (Summer 1994)

Article: Araceli Burguete Cal y Mayor, “Chiapas: Maya Identity and the Zapatista Uprising,” Abya Yala 8, no. 1,2 (1994): 6-11. Accessed September 19, 2019.

Abstract: Zapatista Army of National Liberation rose up in Chiapas highlighting Indigenous rights and issues including the lauding of Indigenous culture and leaders in the past while ignoring the problems facing current indigenous populations and marginalizing indigenous identities. This latest uprising comes in a long line of rebellions. After the 1910 Revolution much of Mexico received lands apportioned by the new constitution but Chiapas was largely left with medieval power structures. Organizing in the Lacandon rainforest spread throughout the state sparking an indigenous led rebellion.

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