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  • Collection: Vol. 9, no. 1 (Spring 1995)

Members of SAIIC and visitors meet at the Abya Yala Fund board meeting.

The Coalition in Support of Amazonian Peoples and Their Environment met to discuss long-term efforts to support Indigenous and forest-dependent peoples.

Indigenous representatives from Mexico, South, Central, and North America established a new fund to support Indigenous communities and organizations that are organizing to guarantee the survival of indigenous people.

A meeting of the Canadian Society for International Health and the Canadian University Consortium for Health and Development.

The Indigenous Environmental Conference met from June 19-22 to discuss topics such as territories, protection of natural resources, militarization, the Human Genome Diversity Project, and NAFTA.

The American Indian Radio on Satellite showcases diverse topics regarding tribal politics, art, music, humor, storytelling, gaming and religious freedom.

Indigenous peoples around the world begin to use computers and internet technologies to communicate. This will strengthen indigenous networks and organizations.

A series of assassinations of Mixtec Indians along with the massacre of 17 campesinos has made June one of the bloodiest months in recent history for Indigenous peoples in Mexico.

Guatemala's government and the leftist guerilla group National Guatemalan Revolutionary Union (Unidad Revolucionaria Nacional Guatemalteca, URNG) signed an accord to protect the rights of the Maya Indian people. However, Mayans were excluded from…

Indigenous people decide to try and stop the Human Genome Project. This project is collecting and studying genetic structures without the consent of almost extinct populations of indigenous peoples.

Quichua female elders visit several cities in the United States with the help of the Quichua Potter's Cultural Exchange tour organized by OPIP (Organization of Indigenous Peoples of Pastaza). This is part of an effort to expand alternate trade…

Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, a Kankanaey Igorot from the Cordillera region of the Philippines, was the past chairperson of the Cordillera People's Alliance and is now the Executive Director of the Cordillera Women's Education and Resource Center, Inc. She…
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