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  • Collection: Vol. 10, No. 1 (Junio 1996) (Spanish)

The Wichi of Argentina are fighting for their land and its safety.

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A subscription for NACLA Report on the Americas, a magazine that has critically examined the works of the World Bank.

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Indigenous hostages reed, but are still threatened by Brazilian colonists.

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Tensions rise between the Mexican government and the Zapatistas following the arrest of Javier Elorriaga and Sebastian Entzin, among other Zaptistas.

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Chilean Supreme Court refuses to review the cassation of a case brought forward by Mapuche.

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Zenu murdered and threatened with more violence in Colombia.

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Indigenous communities that are threatened by the construction of the Hidrovia industrial waterway project on the Paraguay River are standing against its completion.

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An international meeting of indigenous peoples will meeting Copenhagen this year.

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Cultural Survival Canada is new organization that is working to ensure the rights of indigenous communities in the face of biocolonialism.

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Decree 1775 in Brazil threatens to make native lands vulnerable to outside aggression.

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Indigenous women in Mexico are becoming increasingly involved in indigenous development and political participation.
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