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  • Collection: Vol. 10, No. 2 (Deciembre 1996) (Spanish)

Vol 10, no. 2 (14-15).pdf
The find of a mummy burial in old Incan lands led to an international discussion of the rights of indigenous communities to the remains of their ancestors.

Vol 10, no. 2 (18-20).pdf
Luis macas talks about the role and influence of indigenous candidates and politicians in Ecuadorian politics.

Vol 10, no. 2 (21-23).pdf
Gaspar Pedro Gonzalez talks about being an indigenous writer who publishes in Mayan and writes about Guatemalan issues through an indigenous point of view.

Vol 10, no. 2 (23).pdf
New books received by SAIIC that is suggests to readers.

Vol 10, no. 2 (24).pdf
The Sumo in Nicaragua are fighting land concessions given to loggers in Nicaragua

Vol 10, no. 2 (25).pdf
Following the end of government oversight in Yanomami area, gold miners have once again. The Yanomami are waiting for government support to return as illnesses and violence increase.

Vol 10, no. 2 (26).pdf
Bolivian peasants protest a new law that has concentrated arable lands in the hands of the elite while inefficient minifundios remain and the peasants are left with unproductive land.

Vol 10, no. 2 (27).pdf
Indigenous peoples in Mexico are still unable to actively participate in the electoral process following their fight to earn the right to do so.

Vol 10, no. 2 (28-29).pdf
Sonia Henrique talks about organizing indigenous women's organizations.

Vol 10, no. 2 (30-31).pdf
The Floating Seminar of the Paraguay River has declared that government energy agencies need to pursue projects that will are mindful of the needs of local population and that they need to have a say in the course of the projects along with…

Vol 10, no. 2 (31).pdf
Put forward by the Wichi, this calls for the right of indigenous people to their lands, among other rights.

Vol 10, no. 2 (32).pdf
El Salvadoran armed forces and police attacked an indigenous community Sonsonate Province, killing nine and capturing twenty-one.
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