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  • Collection: Vol. 10, No. 2 (Deciembre 1996) (Spanish)

Vol 10, no. 2 (21-23).pdf
Gaspar Pedro Gonzalez talks about being an indigenous writer who publishes in Mayan and writes about Guatemalan issues through an indigenous point of view.

Vol 10, no. 2 (18-20).pdf
Luis macas talks about the role and influence of indigenous candidates and politicians in Ecuadorian politics.

Vol 10, no. 2 (14-15).pdf
The find of a mummy burial in old Incan lands led to an international discussion of the rights of indigenous communities to the remains of their ancestors.

Vol 10, no. 2 (13-17).pdf
Indigenous communities have successfully been fighting for the restitution of their cultural properties, both on the physical level and on the intellectual level.

Vol 10, no. 2 (10-12, 31).pdf
The Wichi, an indigenous people in Argentina, have experienced degrading environmental conditions and a refusal of the Argentinian government to grant them land rights. They have reacted by pursuing political recognition.

Vol 10, no. 2 (6-9).pdf
Previously isolated Amazonian communities, including the Urarina, have become exposed to "old" and "new" diseases from the outside world.

Vol 10, no. 2 (5).pdf
A group of Nambikwara were attacked by loggers and miners in Mata Grosso, Brazil.

Vol 10, no. 2 (5).pdf
A subsidiary of Canada Tiomin Rsources threatens Ngobe-Bugle land with the opening of a copper mine.

Vol 10, no. 2 (4-5).pdf
The Confederacy of Muchik peoples was reseablshed in Peru with the help of SAIIC and Richard P. Schaedel.

Vol 10, no. 2 (4).pdf
The Brazilian Supreme Court prevents the dispossion of Guarani-Kaiowa from their lands.

Vol 10, no. 2 (4).pdf
Eight Mapuche have been arrested in Argentina in a fight to protect their land from government forces and police.

Vol 10, no. 2 (3).pdf
A discussion of cultural extinction and the need of indigenous people to unite and fight the forces that threaten them.
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