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  • Collection: Vol. 10, No. 2 (Deciembre 1996) (Spanish)

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The Brazilian Supreme Court prevents the dispossion of Guarani-Kaiowa from their lands.

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A group of Nambikwara were attacked by loggers and miners in Mata Grosso, Brazil.

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There have been many protests in Colombia following the invasion of indigenous lands by peasants and the killing of indigenous leaders. Protesters claim the government has not held to Decrees 1396 and 1397, which protect human and indigenous rights.

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Previously isolated Amazonian communities, including the Urarina, have become exposed to "old" and "new" diseases from the outside world.

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The Conference of the Parts of the Convention about Biodiversity passed a number of resolutions that call for the protection of indigenous lands across the world and for governments to work with indigenous representatives.

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A discussion of cultural extinction and the need of indigenous people to unite and fight the forces that threaten them.

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El Salvadoran armed forces and police attacked an indigenous community Sonsonate Province, killing nine and capturing twenty-one.

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Gaspar Pedro Gonzalez talks about being an indigenous writer who publishes in Mayan and writes about Guatemalan issues through an indigenous point of view.

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The Floating Seminar of the Paraguay River has declared that government energy agencies need to pursue projects that will are mindful of the needs of local population and that they need to have a say in the course of the projects along with…

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Indigenous communities have successfully been fighting for the restitution of their cultural properties, both on the physical level and on the intellectual level.
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