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  • Collection: Vol. 10, No. 3 (Summer 1997)

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Issue with the theme of indigenous communities and their survival in an urban environment.

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I discussion about the growing number of indigenous people migrating to cities to find work and life and the ways in which these communities are working to preserve their ways of life and their ancestral homes.

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Indigenous communities in French Guiana face difficulties in protecting their land rights due to legal positions taken by the French government.

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The Kwamalasemutu, whose lands are located in gold and diamond concessions, are seeking government protection from the actions of Golden Star, a Canadian mining company.

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Galdino Jesus dos Santos, a Pataxo, was killed by five assailants while visiting Brasilia, Brasil.

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Amazonian leaders are at the forefront of resisting threats and bribes from corporate entities in Ecuador.

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Indigenous communities in Quito, Ecuador have taken steps to preserve their indigenous cultures, languages, and rights in the face of discrimination and the pressure to conform to attain success.

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Mapuche migrations to the cities has been a necessity of survival, but Mapuche identity is persisting in the next generation. However, this introduces a potential split in in the definition of the Mapuche, an urban and rural one.

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An influx of multiple cultures in Lima has led to the creation of a new culture: Chicha.

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As indigenous migration to Mexico City increases, it seems that the Mexican government is unable to provide suitable living conditions for the incoming native peoples.
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