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Volume 9 No. 1 & 2 (31-32).pdf
Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, a Kankanaey Igorot from the Cordillera region of the Philippines, was the past chairperson of the Cordillera People's Alliance and is now the Executive Director of the Cordillera Women's Education and Resource Center, Inc. She…

There is emerging global concern for the loss of native crop seed diversity. Unfortunately, current efforts by prominent international organizations like the UN and World Bank ignore the role of Indigenous communities and campesinos in the protection…

Vol. 2, no. 2 (15).pdf
Indian people in Argentina have faced a government campaign of annihilation and the destruction of their culture.

Vol. 8, no. 3 (19-21).pdf
Indigenous people in Ecuador made their political power heard when they effectively protested the passing of an agrarian reform law that threatened indigenous land and forced the president to the negotiation table.

The Wichi of Argentina are fighting for their land and its safety.
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