• Collection: Vol. 10, no. 1 (Spring 1996)

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The Council of Indigenous Peoples and Organizations of Brazil discuss how Decree 1775 is more than a setback; it 's a death sentence for many Indigenous groups.

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Indigenous organizations confront the new challenges in contemporary Brazil the and a brief frame of the actual economic realities by which they are affected are discussed

ENDESA. the largest private company in Chile is planning to construct six hydroelectric dams on the Biobio river in southern Chile. ENDESA now says it will move ahead with construction of the largest of the Biobfo dam called Ralco. Ralco threatens to…

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Macuxi leader Jacir Jose de Souza is a well known Indigenous activist from the Raposa Serra do Sol
Indian area. Jacir confides in SAIIC to explain the
hardships faced by the Macuxi people and the often conflicting process of organization and…


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Jose Marfa Cabascango is a Quichua activist of the Pijal Community. Jose Marfa Cabascango, an activist since the 70's, reached a position of prominence in CONAIE (Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador). In this interview. he reflects…

SAIIC discusses the events that they have taken part in and introduces many outstanding people from the indigenous community.

Dr. Mlrna Cunningham, director of the new university URACCAN, began her address inaugurating a degree course in Indigenous rights. The new post-secondary educational institution in Nicaragua is dedicated to take the forefront of the struggle to…


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Eulalia Yagarf Gonzalez. a Chami woman activist in Colombia. was elected as a member of the
regional parliament of Antioquia on March 8. 1992. In this interview she discussesf her life and hardships as an Indian woman activist.

28.000 women from 185 countries met to attend
the Fourth World Conference of Women, but there were many factors that caused the imited panicipation of Indigenous women.

Nimia Apaza, an Indigenous Kolla lawyer in northern Argentina (General Coordinator and Lawyer for the
Jujuy Native Council of Organizations), challenged Argentine social welfare minister Herminio Gomez
regarding his explanation of infant mortality…


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Maria de Jesus Hernandez Valderas, a Nahualt woman in Mexico, provides a glimpse of the activist world of Indigenous women looks like. She discusses the difficulties that have been historically placed on her. Maria embodies the enduring spirit of…

The Zapatistas group held a massive gathering where the Forum revolved around the objectives of the controversial "'Peace with Dignity and Justice" negotiations between the government o£ President Ernesto Zedilio and the EZLN ocuring in San Andres…
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