• Collection: Vol. 8, no. 4 (Winter 1994)

Central American indigenous leaders met in El Salvador to discuss plans to boost Indian news media in the region.

The Brazilian Senate is considering legislation that would possibly reduce the size indigenous reservations.

The Coordinating Body of Indigenous Communities of the Amazon Basin settled on several basic points of agreement regarding indigenous positions and strategies relevant to biodiversity and intellectual property rights issues at a regional meeting in…

Peruvian indigenous communities file suit against Texaco, claiming that Texaco's operations caused severe environmental damage in their region.

The Brazilian government continues to ignore crimes against indigenous peoples.

Bioprospecting has become a tremendous threat to indigenous groups across the globe. Indigenous communities need to develop a common strategy for responding to these external encroachments.

Indigenous activists seek international support as they confront abuses of indigenous peoples in Mexico's Sierra Madre mountain range.


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Indigenous communities are often caught in the cross hairs of different interest groups struggling to control ecologically diverse territories. Conflicts over the use of indigenous territories raises many important questions regarding the rights of…

The American Indian Radio on Satellite (AIROS) is a new radio network in the United States that broadcasts content from Native-owned public radio stations across the country.

The Mexican Government launched a recent, short-lived offensive in Zapatista-held territory in Chiapas.

The Coalition in Support of Indigenous Peoples and Their Environment, made up of US-based NGOs in Washington, D.C. is established.

A group of armed men abducted one of Columbia's key indigenous leaders who helped to lead efforts to recover traditional indigenous lands in the Pasto region.
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