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Dialogue between the Guatemalan Government's Commission on Peace and the National Guatemalan Revolutionary Union has lacked input from representatives from the Mayan community. Disappointed with the lack of progress in the negotiations, the UN issued…

Urgent Action-Mayan Leaders Receive Death Threats.pdf

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Many leaders on the Council of Mayan Organizations have received death threats. The Council is requesting concerned citizens and groups to encourage the Guatemalan government to investigate the threats and to put a stop to them.

The Importance of Native Clothing and Patterns

The Interamerican Encounter on Indigenous Rights and Common Law was an event organized by Maya Culture Center that took place on June 16-19 in Gatemala.

Territorial divisions within Mexico and Central America were constructed in an artificial manner, dividing and isolating indigenous peoples. This led to a division of Mayan peoples with Chiapas facing conflicts within its own territory and along its…
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