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  • Collection: Vol. 7, nos. 3-4 (Fall/Winter 1993)

The suicides of sixteen Guarani Indians in 1993 linked to displacement and land deprivation of the Guarani population in Brazil.

Issues of land rights and culture development of indigenous communities was discussed on September 23-26, 1993 at the first meeting of the congress of indigenous representatives from Guerrero.

Peru's old 1933 constitution protected indigenous lands rights and the new constitution threatens to indigenous rights by opening up territories to confiscation by other parties, agricultural development, and possible ecological damage

Paranapanema Mining Co. has buried five thousand tones of radioactive waste in the Pitinga River Amazon area without consequences from the state governments or FUNAI.

Results of the United Nations World Conference on Human Rights in Vienna, June 1993 disappoint indigenous populations with failure to address indigenous rights of self-government and self-determination.

Solidarity Alliance of Latin Americans(ALAS) is program designed to encourage education, communication and leadership among indigenous youth.

The Pan American Health Organization(PAHO) institutes Document CD37/20. Document CD37/20 calls for improvement in the health care and living conditions of indigenous populations; and implementation of national and local health institutions.

After the massacre of sixteen Yanomami by Brazilian miners, Venezuelan government denies ability to protect the indigenous populations and lays blame on gold and diamond multinational corporations for the rise in deforestation and violence against…

On September 16, 1993, the Wichi Ka Puce Hi Cooperative of Argentina initiated a week long hunger strike in protest of the government's Land Commission until President Carlos Menem agreed to meet.

A Peruvian Ashaninka village, Mazamari, was attacked on August 18-19, 1993 by 150 Sendero guerrillas. 87 villagers were murdered.

Conflicts of the demarcation of indigenous lands between the Macuxi and land owners in Brazil leads to the death of Democlides Albuquerque Carneiro.
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