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Over three million people signed a petition calling for an emergency meeting of the United Nations to debate ways to halt the destruction of the rainforests. Ailton Krenak of the UNI accepted the Letelier-Moffitt Human Rights award.

Between 1993 and 1994, a group of American scientists attempted to patent and commercialize a sample of human tissue collected from an unidentified indigenous woman. Indigenous groups and international human rights forums denounced the effort and the…

A spokesperson for the Mapuche organization Aukin Wallmapu Ngulam-Council of All the Lands comments of the "Declaration of Barbados III," especially the sections relating to the self-determination of Indigenous peoples and the nationally constituted…

A copy of a calendar of international events related to indigenous populations from November 29, 1993 to March 1994.

This article details the Indigenous peoples and their protest in Colombia for human rights and and control over their own territories.

Five hundred Quechua Aymara women march 350 miles to La Paz, Bolivia to demand that Bolivian president, President Sllnchez, enforce human rights in their home region.

The gifts or the Creator, which many indigenous groups admire are endanger in today's society. These gifts have enabled indigenous peoples to survive five centuries of colonialism and to continue to nurture an extraordinary diversity and richness of…

Abya Yala News interviews Carmen Irnamberna, President of the Federation of Indigenous People and Campesinos of Imbabura, on challenges, issues, and possible repercussions of the Draft Declaration of Indigenous Rights being prepared by the UN Working…

The Organization of American States (OAS) commences an investigation on human rights violations related to oil development on the part of US-based multinational corporations in Ecuador.

The Coalition in Support of Indigenous Peoples and Their Environment, made up of US-based NGOs in Washington, D.C. is established.

The Coordinating Body of Indigenous Communities of the Amazon Basin settled on several basic points of agreement regarding indigenous positions and strategies relevant to biodiversity and intellectual property rights issues at a regional meeting in…
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